Experience first-hand the enormous impact that blockchain plus AI is having an in key sectors such as financial services & decentralized finance (DeFi), supply chains, NFTs, healthcare and impact.

Blockchain technology is experiencing widespread adoption in these key areas, clearly going well beyond cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Notably, enterprise blockchain is set to grow to a $19 billion opportunity by 2025 according to IDC, and Gartner has projected growth to $3.1 trillion by 2030. Meanwhile, Enterprise AI is expected to grow to about $300 million this year (IDC). Blockchain and AI combined also have a high growth projection of nearly $1 billion by 2025 (360iResearch). Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Survey published in August 2021 further underscores this high growth landscape with 81% of its senior-executive survey respondents acknowledging blockchain technology’s broad scalability and mainstream adoption.

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Virtual  Summit

Thursday , 14 Oct

8:00 AM

Opening Keynote – Blockchain & AI: Present and Future

8:25 AM

Opening Fireside Chat

8:45 AM

Beyond Fintech

How is blockchain creating pivotal transformation in fintech and how can digital assets disrupt the status quo? Will all major currencies soon be digital – digital Dollar, digital Euro, etc.? Can decentralized finance (DeFi) democratize access to capital? Our panel of global experts and practitioners will discuss these important trends plus look at the technology’s strategic implications and imperatives that can unlock tremendous value for enterprises, governments, and humanity. They will also put these topics into their real-world context by discussing which policies and regulation will either streamline or limit adoption.

9:30 AM

Amplifying Social Impact

Blockchain might be arriving just in time to help us solve some of the most difficult problems of our era – restoring equitable access to global markets and financing, creating sustainable solutions for the climate crisis and achieving social equity. What is abundantly clear is that blockchain and other advanced technologies can be successfully leveraged to build transformative solutions. This world-class panel of impact leaders will discuss important and innovative solutions that can enable humanity to bridge to a better tomorrow.

10:15 AM

Reviving Healthcare

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant transformation in areas such as cybersecurity, revenue cycle management, and personalized healthcare. With rampant large-scale ransomware attacks with some of the largest health systems, administration inefficiencies in health providers, and a one-size-fits-all approach that still prevails, the healthcare industry is exploring new innovative solutions. Blockchain and AI-based systems are now poised to revive the delivery of healthcare. Join leading companies and experts who are embracing blockchain and AI to deliver more robust, comprehensive, and personalized healthcare.

11:00 AM


11:45 AM

Upgrading Supply Chains

As has become evident at scale during the pandemic, centralized supply chain systems are not resilient in the face of sudden change and data is often unreliable. The result is that it can take many months to fix disruptions. Additionally, counterfeiting is on an exponential rise with the total value of counterfeit and pirated goods forecast to exceed $2.3 trillion by 2022. Blockchain and AI working in tandem have the ability to rapidly increase the reliability of the supply chains that the world depends on by increasing transparency, reducing fraud, and creating a more resilient infrastructure. Our panel of experts will discuss the leading trends in upgrading global supply chain systems.

12:30 PM

Digital Ownership Revolution & the Metaverse

After 30 years of the Web, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) finally enable everyone to own digital assets online. This is a dramatic shift – an ownership revolution – since we can now verifiably own anything online including art, music, text, collectibles, etc. With this foundation we can now begin to really create and explore the 3D Web, often known as the Metaverse, that we will inhabit virtually online. Though this is new technology, the space is exploding with billions of dollars of virtual goods changing hands on a monthly basis. Our panel of top NFT experts and leading companies will lend insights into this dynamic and fast growth space.

1:15 PM

Closing Fireside Chat – Regenerative Finance




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