Facilitating interaction for Startups with their biggest potential customers and investors

Faced with a constantly evolving business landscape and unprecedented levels of uncertainty, leaders such as the Chief Data Officers (CDOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are forging pathways to adopt new technologies, and methodologies that empower innovation, reduce risk and improve user experience to better serve their customers. 

Our CXO Forum Program hosts dedicated panels for CDOs, CMOs, and CIOs respectively, where a handful of startups that have achieved significant initial success ($2M to $10M ARR) present to CXOs of the biggest buyers. The CXO get an understanding of what the most innovative startups in Silicon Valley are doing, while the startup CEOs will benefit from the interaction and feedback from their largest customers

Upcoming events

CIO Forum: Healthcare focused

The primary objective of this forum is to facilitate a dialog between the most innovative startups from Silicon Valley and the CIOs of healthcare systems in the US. The startups will have an opportunity to present/pitch their product to the CIO’s. This will be a 5 min presentation followed by a 4 min Q&A interaction and will be limited to 6 startups.

Confirmed CIOs for the upcoming CIO Forum – Healthcare include:

  • Deborah Muro, El Camino Hospital
  • Marty Paslick, HCA Healthcare
  • Craig Richardville, SCL Health of Colorado

CMO Forum: Facilitating interaction with biggest potential customers in B2B, B2C space and investors

As we emerge from the pandemic, marketers globally have been trying to fathom the new normal and concurrently used this situation to innovate and automate marketing solutions exponentially. 

With “Entrepreneurs” and “Fostering Entrepreneurship” at our cornerstone, TiE Silicon Valley brings you “CMO Summit 2021”, an interaction with the biggest potential customers in B2B, B2C space and investors and select trailblazing 5-6 MarTech startups who have achieved initial success. This intimate virtual conversation is an excellent opportunity for the MarTech startups to receive feedback from our esteemed panel of Chief Marketing Officers (CMO).

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CIO Forum: Healthcare

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