Journeys of Entrepreneurs, Funders and Intrapreuners.

As part of DEI efforts in TiE Silicon Valley, we are proud to present journeys of Entrepreneurs, Funders and Intrapreuners. We will hear the technology innovation championed by various minority groups and individuals.  All of TiE SV programs will expand to be mindfully inclusive. Even then, we realize 2020 is the year we need to promote this consciously so the integration is a multiplier effect.

This will be a forum to celebrate successes, raise awareness and introduce opportunities specific to this group.   Bring your colleagues and friends to be part of the next level of collaboration, mentoring, networking, incubating and investing in TiE Silicon Valley.

Each of the events in these series will be open format. Every member who comes in has a say in what they want to see next so we can address what is needed for the community. We are forming executive committee members who are driving the effort. To be part of this initiative, please send an email to [email protected].

March Movie Screening Reena
April Recruiting Fair Rose
June Product Management Event Meghna
July View from Chief Customer Officer suite Mini/Win Farrar
August New Face of the CIO
September New insights from Mobility
(Shared services, connected car, etc)
October Angels Event
November Diversity in Sales
December Holiday get together Karpagam

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Program Committee

Impact Circle

Divya Agarwal

Software Engineer, NIO

Rosemary Van Lare

Senior Librarian
San José Public Library

Leadership Circle

Karpagam Narayanan


Vidhya Ranganathan

VP Engineering at Mojio

Founder and Funder Circle

Whitney Griffith

Social Entrepreneur,
Blockchain Developer

Carol Barrett

Engineering Leader, Netflix

Meghna Misra

VP of Product, Pure Storage

Priya Rajan

Managing Director,

Swetha Repakula

Hyperledger Fabric Open Source Developer, IBM

Mini Suri

Chief Customer Success Officer,

Kumar Sripadam

advisor at Moesif, Inc. and at

Meera Sudhakar

Trident Advisory & Consulting

Reena Gupta