TiE Silicon Valley Member’s Only Event: 1-on-1 with a VC Series

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 2:00pm - 4:30pm
TiE SV Board Room
2903 Bunker Hill LN Suite 150
Santa Clara 95054
United States

TiE Silicon Valley Member’s Only Event: 1-on-1 with a VC Series

You are ready with your VC pitch but would like someone experienced to go through your pitch and give you valuable feedback. How about talking to a VC who is looking to invest in your space? TiE Silicon Valley is introducing “1-on-1 with a VC” series for its members wherein every entrepreneur who qualifies will get a chance to present to a VC. You will get real time feedback and if your pitch is really good, the VC you present to may decide to invest in your venture. See details below and apply Now!

Objectives of 1-on-1 with a VC
  • One-on-one meeting with an experienced VC, receiving immediate feedback and advice
  • Encourage entrepreneurs to seek answers to their questions/challenges in a supportive environment
  • Help identify mentors, if needed, from amongst TiE Charter Members to assist entrepreneurs build their businesses
Time, Venue and Cost:
November 20, 2012 at 2:00 - 4:30 PM
TiE SV Office Board Room
Application Fee $50.00

Executive summaries due - November 16
Selected companies notified - November 19
Confirmation received - November 19
Meeting - November 20

Raj Gollamudi, Investment Director, Omidyar Network
Kamal Anand, SVP General Manager, Meru Networks

Rohini Chakravarthy, Partner, New Enterprise Associates ("NEA")
Ms. Chakravarthy is a Partner at NEA and focuses on information and energy technology investments. She is on the boards of Aerospike, Agni, Aquantia, Liveloop, EnVerv, LiveLoop, Luxtera, NetCitadel, and Pinnacle Engines, and works closely with Aerohive, SuVolta, Vuclip, and other NEA portfolio companies. Her prior board involvements include Plusmo (acquired by AT&T) and Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO).

Application Process:
  1. Entrepreneur can apply by sending Executive Summary (max 2 pages) to tievc1on1@tie.org
  2. Entrepreneur should be a TiE member (become a TiE member)
  3. Must be seeking VC funding and should have a formal VC presentation available at the time of meeting
  4. The decision of the selection committee comprising of Co-Chairs will be final as to which company will get selected to present
  5. For this session, Enterprise Infrastructure - covering Big Data, Mobile, Security, Storage and Networking.
Guidelines for the Entrepreneurs
  • Up to 8 entrepreneurs will be selected for each session in the series.
  • Each entrepreneur will be allocated up to 20 minutes to present his/her business plan including Q&A session and feedback. Keep your presentation to 10 minutes/8-10 slides.
  • In order to get the most out of this session, participants must come prepared to make a formal presentation that clearly and concisely describes your business and value proposition and why VCs should invest in your startup.
  • These events are intended for entrepreneurs with a specific well thought out plan and must not be viewed as an open forum to just meet a VC.