Entrepreneurs need significant learning, support and inputs from an enabling eco-system in order to succeed.



All entrepreneurs start with a great idea, an idea that can transform the world. The successful entrepreneurs at TiE are testimony to this adage. What entrepreneurs realize sooner or later is that great ideas by themselves are not sufficient conditions for success. Entrepreneurs need significant learning, support and inputs from an enabling eco-system in order to succeed.

Mentoring at TiE is one of the main priorities and most valuable assets to its members. This program is a direct result of the time and effort provided by our Charter Member (CM) Mentors. Mentees have the opportunity to meet with TiE CM Mentors for a one on one, 60 minute session during office hours.

 The needs of potential mentees would naturally be stage dependent but would typically cover the following areas:

    • Validating business plans

    •  Defining value propositions, offerings, markets and sizing opportunities

    • Strategies for raising funds

    • Inputs on company formation and structuring

    • Functional strategies and perspectives including technology, marketing etc

·   • Inputs on managing Investors, compliance & governance requirements

Members of TiE Silicon Valley wishing to apply for mentoring must check mentor availability below to reserve date and time on Calendly. Reservation is based on first come basis. You will reserve a confirmation email if you are confirmed for the mentoring session.

If you are interested in mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs send us an email mentoring@sv.tie.org.


January 13 

10:00-11:00 AM Reena Gupta

11:15-12:15 PM Reena Gupta



If you have any questions, please contact us mentoring@sv.tie.org

Satish Gupta

Executive Chairman, SenSen Networks

Amar Bhatkhande

Audit Partner, EisnerAmper

Kumar Sripradam

Chair, TiE Angels

Sai Gundavelli

CEO, Solix Tech

Kamal Anand

CEO, SimplifiMed, Inc

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