Naeem Zafar

Co-Founder & CEO, TeleSense

Naeem is a seasoned executive who has led five high-tech businesses as the CEO and guided dozens as a Board member or an advisor. His latest venture is TeleSense, an AgTech company, is addressing the need to create efficiency and reduce spoilage for the post-harvest grain industry. Naeem has taught entrepreneurship and innovation at several leading universities in the world. He is an entrepreneur, a teacher, an investor, and a mentor. Having co-founded or worked at seven startup companies, he is steeped in the Silicon Valley culture and promotes the lessons of Silicon Valley to organizations and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Naeem’s specialties include raising capital for startups, corporate strategy, product positioning, marketing, business development as well as M&A.

Naeem has been teaching entrepreneurship as a faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley since 2005 as a part of the Haas Business School MBA program, as well as in the College of Engineering to graduate and undergraduate students. He has consistently been one of the highest ranked professors in entrepreneurship and strategy. He has written five books on topics related to entrepreneurship, some of which are now being used as curriculum textbooks at various universities. These books can be found at

Naeem has served on the Board of Directors of several companies and as the Board Chair of OPEN Silicon Valley. He is also the Founding President of the Brown University Club of Silicon Valley.