Entrepreneurs: Apply to Present

TiE Angels is a forum for entrepreneurs to seek early stage funding. Entrepreneurs who seek funding from TiE Angels should preferably be sponsored by a TiE Charter Member. TiE Angels will consider submissions without a sponsor but we would encourage entrepreneurs to seek one where possible.

TiE Angels expects to primarily evaluate opportunities to invest in seed and Series A rounds of promising companies that have been pre-screened according to rules established by the Steering Committee. Focus areas of interest include software/infrastructure, Internet, mobility, cleantech, and medical devices/technologies.

TiE Angels seeks investment opportunities from strong teams with proven domain expertise, clear value proposition, and demonstrable competitive advantages. TiE Angels members are expected to generally invest up to $500,000 in a given investment. It is generally expected that companies presenting to TiE Angels have not received any prior funding from a venture capital firm. To facilitate interaction between portfolio companies and members of TiE Angels, submissions from companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area are strongly preferred.

All deals submitted to TiE Angels will be reviewed by a screening committee of domain experts from the sector that the company is addressing. Based on their review, the screening committee will invite up to ten companies to meet the TiE Angels Steering Committee. The presentation to the Steering Committee will consist of a brief presentation followed by an interactive session to better understand the company’s plan. The Steering Committee will then select a short list of companies, typically up to three, to present at an upcoming meeting of TiE Angels.

Schedule for TiE Angels Meeting is as follows:
  • Second Monday of every month - shortlisted companies attend in-person meeting with the screening committee- 6:00pm onwards
  • Third Monday of every month from 6:00pm to 9:00pm - selected companies present to full TiE Angels group
  • Members of TiE Angels will independently determine their interest in investing in any presenting company at their discretion solely. Interested members will conduct such other diligence as they deem appropriate and will negotiate directly with companies regarding the terms for possible investment.

Members of TiE Angels are successful entrepreneurs and investors. Following are a few tips for entrepreneurs to make the most of their experience with TiE Angels:

  • Prepare to present your idea as succinctly and clearly as possible
  • Do not approach TiE Angels until you have developed your plan to a point where you can demonstrate validation of the concept and have a team in place. TiE Angels is a forum where you should seek investment – not feedback on an idea.
  • Demonstrate your domain expertise and passion for your project
  • Show a credible plan for use of capital provided
  • Practice your pitch!

Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs a supportive environment throughout their interaction with TiE Angels. Entrepreneurs can expect to be guided by their sponsoring charter member and the TiE Angels organizations at every stage of preparing and presenting to TiE Angels. TiE Silicon Valley will also be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs through the variety of mentorship and training programs that the organization offers.

Please complete the deal submission form (follow the “Apply to Present” link below) to be considered by TiE Angels. We may contact you for additional information at any stage of the process.

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Entrepreneurs should only submit and present materials that they are willing to share as part of a broad review process. People who will be able to access and review the materials you submit include members of TiE Angels, other attendees at TiE Angels meetings, any screening experts that TiE Angels may designate from time to time, and others who may be involved with TiE Angels. TiE Angels does not sign non disclosure agreements and the screening process will include a review of submitted materials by people who may or may not be members of TiE Angels.

Important Deadlines for Entrepreneurs:

  • Deadline for submission of application - First Monday of the month
  • If selected, presentation to the screening committee - Second Monday of the month
  • If selected, presentation to full TiE Angels - Third Monday of the month