TiE Angel Funded Companies

TiE Angels has currently invested in 22 companies and continues to invest in new early stage companies.

Currently Funded Companies:

Our automated treatment communication engine yields 10% more income for dentists, creating a $3 Bil market, 27 paying clinics & a large chain in trial
Aerin Medical
Aerin Medical is developing the first non-surgical, no implant procedure to improve breathing in the millions of patients who suffer with chronically poor breathing through their nose
Appensure delivers Applications Performance Ensurance in dynamic Virtualized & Cloud computing environments, enabling the cost benefit promise of utility computing while maintaining business-critical Application performance.
BrightFunnel is building a Big Data analytics solution for the B2B CMO. We give you a quick handle on what's happening in your funnel, why, and what to do about it. Unlike other solutions, our analytics are predictive -- so they help you understand what will happen next month and the month after that -- and they are rooted in machine learning, so that the system can automatically adjust your budgets and priorities according to what it learns.
Crisi Medical Systems
CRISI Medical Systems, Inc. (CRISI) is a privately-funded medical device company dedicated to improving the safety and delivery of intravenous (IV) injectable medications through technology and innovation.
Claritics powers cloud social analytics applications for businesses to drive user and revenue growth using a customer friendly subscription model.
We're the Airbnb of car rentals at airports.
FocalPoint Energy
Solar Hot Water System for Industrial Heating and Cooling
GeoPalz is a gaming peripheral that captures kids real life physical activity and converts it into digital coins, tokens, and rewards.
Cloud based Product Analytics company focused on providing business value to high tech product manufacturers.
InsideVault InsideVault
SEM Platform to Measure, Manage and Turbocharge Paid Search Campaigns
The Akamai of Real-time
Openbucks enable consumers who don't use credit cards, to pay online with the gift cards of major retailers (Subway, Burger King, CVS, etc).
Virtual marketplace connecting large employers and providers of healthcare commodities.
Resolution Tube
ResolutionTube is a patent pending mobile augmented reality platform for remote collaboration
“Google AdSense” for phone - a real-time auction-based online marketplace to buy and/or sell live phone leads.
Seek!t offers a mobile application and service that makes
mainstream TV advertising interactive.
Fundamentally change application deployment and management in virtual environments
ShopSocially is the world's most effective social commerce platform for retailers and the most trusted shopping recommendation engine for users.
Aggregates in-store deals and promotions from 700 retail chains and make it available to mobile users. Will reach 10M mobile consumers by 2011 end.
Intelligent Energy Management Systems for Data Centers, Telcos and Buildings
Vyycore was born to solve the two most prominent problems in the mobile world today: The cost of the Power Amplifier (PA) and battery life.
We enable local community interactions with trusted, easy-to-use Neighborhood Social Networks, backed by large-scale geocoded data & technologies.