Naveen Koorakula

Director of Social
Naveen is a technologist and entrepreneur at heart, specializing in consumer web technologies, especially Social and Web Search. He currently heads up all Social efforts at Groupon, which acquired his start-up Campfire Labs in late 2011. He was the founder and CEO at Campfire Labs, where he invented the asymmetric groups technology later popularized as Circles by Google Plus, raised an angel round from a stellar group of investors, built a strong team and launched a very innovative product called Slice.

He has been part of three other acquisitions before Campfire Labs - as a founding team member at Powerset (a natural language search engine acquired by Microsoft), as part of the leadership team that built the Inktomi web search engine (acquired by Yahoo), and being part of the core team at Fastforward Networks (acquired by Inktomi)

Naveen's educational background includes a B.Tech. in Computer Science from I.I.T Madras, and a Masters in Computer Science from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill"