Srikanth Nadhamuni

Head of Technology
UID Authority of India

Srikanth is a technologist and entrepreneur with over 23 years experience in the chip design, internet technologies and eGovernance industries. Having completed his Masters in the US, Srikanth spent 14 years with several global companies in the California’s Silicon Valley.

He started with Sun Microsystems as part of the Sparc CPU design team –the spitfire. This was followed by a stint at Intel Corporation in Santa Clara on the development of the P6 and P7 CPUs. Next he was at Silicon Graphics on the interactive TV.

Srikanth was part of the initial team setup by Jim Clark (founder Netscape & Silicon Graphics) to create an internet Healthcare company – WebMD, He was Director engineering managing several key product developments and was later part of the business development involved in mergers and acquisitions. Later he founded GlobeTrades Inc an internet startup focusing on Internet Marketplaces for Apparel and Construction industries.

Srikanth moved back to India in 2002 in order to focus on social development initiatives. He partnered with Nandan Nilekani to start the eGovernments Foundation with a goal to provide Municipal eGovernance tools for Indian cities to improve service delivery. To-date the eGovernments Foundation has deployed Municipal ERP solutions to over 270 cities across India.

In 2009 he became head of technology for the UID Authority of India, and setup UID’s technology centre in Bangalore, the technology backbone to issue a national ID to India’s 1.2 billion residents. He led the development of the UID technology platform a highly scalable system largely based on opensource tools, and also setup the datacenter and operations teams, which has to-date completed over 200million enrolments, making it the largest biometric database in the world.