Entrepreneurs, Domain Experts, and Seasoned Professionals

The 1-week immersive virtual experience is geared towards early-stage entrepreneurs looking for learning and mentoring opportunities. The summit will host series of webinars with domain experts and mentoring sessions with our charter members who are serial entrepreneurs, domain experts, and seasoned professionals.


Monday, Nov 08 - Monday, Nov 15

Monday, Nov 08
7 pm to 9 pm Pacific Time

Day 1: Pitch and One-Pager Feedback

If you looking to get investor-ready or need to understand what the investors are looking for when they make the funding decisions, the Pitch and One-pager feedback session is a perfect opportunity to hear what the experts have to say. Be part of the 30 min feedback session with our select charter members.

Tuesday, Nov 09
7 pm to 9 pm Pacific Time

Day 2: Funding Sources and Structures

Learn the art and science of startup financing in our virtual webinar. Get the answers from our panel of experts about what funding source is right from you. Understand the know-how, different sources from debt financing, SAFE, convertible notes, or non-dilutive financing.

Wednesday, Nov 10
7 pm to 9 pm Pacific Time

Day 3: Initial Customer Acquisition

Getting an early momentum is crucial for any startup. Learn from the marketing guru and a seasoned entrepreneur, what are the first few KPIs to monitor, getting your market research, and product-market fit right to strategize your go-to-market approach.

Thursday, Nov 11
7 pm to 9 pm Pacific Time

Day 4: People, Process, and Tools

Webinar with experts to discuss tech stacks needed for entrepreneurs including tech stack for marketing, sales engagement, and Finance & HR

Monday, Nov 15
7 pm to 9 pm Pacific Time

Day 5: Group Mentoring

Mentoring is one of the most valued assets. Receive 60 min, virtual, near 1-on-1 mentoring from our charter members who are veteran investors, advisors, and seasoned professionals. Based on the feedback shared in the pitch session, you can review the revised pitch deck and one-pager.



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