Access to Silicon Valley connections, know-how, and capital for Indian founders.

All great founders start with a great idea, an idea that can transform the world. The successful founders at TiE are testimony to this adage. We have chosen a select group of experienced operators and investors who can help you take that idea and build a sustainable business around it, using the unique advantages of the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

There are many challenges technology company founders face as they traverse the entrepreneurial journey. It may be scaling a team. It may be ensuring management cohesion and strategic alignment. It may be fundraising or hitting sales targets. It may be as simple as learning how best to use objectives and key results (OKRs) to set goals or it may be as complex as figuring out how to go global with a product that is working well in your home market.

The TiE network in Silicon Valley includes many former founders and operators who have faced these challenges and overcome them with significant success. With the TiE Advisor Program, TiE would like to make a handpicked selection of technology leaders available to help Indian founders as they build and grow their companies.

Our focus is to help start-ups that are using technology in innovative ways to create leapfrog products. Companies should have developed their minimum viable product (MVP) with demonstrated product-market fit, gained user and/or revenue traction in the market, and have founders with strong backgrounds. They should have an essential organization with engineering, sales, and operations groups and be willing to engage in a consultative process.

Founders can apply for this program through this form. The program committee will review your application and match you with an advisor based on your requirements. As part of the application process, you can request an introduction to any advisor who fits your needs.

A few tips for founders who want to participate:

• Select advisors who are best suited to give you the help you need
• Plan to spend about 2-4 hours per month with your advisor
• Advisors may connect you with relevant people in the industry but that is not the purpose of this program

Selection criteria for startups applying:

  • Should have received over $500,000 in revenue
  • Should be funded
  • This platform is not for funding needs. If you are looking for funding, then apply through our TiE Angels program

We anticipate that you will sign a formal agreement with the advisor after the initial few conversations. Usually, this will include some kind of equity and/or cash compensation to ensure incentives are aligned. Here is an advisory template as a guideline.

If you would like to become an advisor, please reach out to us on [email protected].


Ash Chowdappa

Engineering, General Management

Alok Garg

Product Management, BD

Nikhil Gupta

Cyber Security Products

Smita Hashim

Product Management, Marketing

Yash Hemaraj

Product Management, Fundraising

Mark Heynen

Sales, Fundraising

Narayan Iyengar

Marketing, Sales

AGK Karunakaran

Operations, Sales

Sandeep Kishore

Product Management, Marketing, Sales

Rakesh Mathur

Product, Engineering, Fundraising

Minal Mehta

Product Management

Deepak Murthy

Sales, Operations

Ronjon Nag


Paresh Nagda

Engineering, Product Management

Preethy Padmanabhan

Product Management, Marketing


Prem Ramaswami

Product Management

Bindu Reddy

Product, Engineering

Sandeep Singh

Product Management, Marketing

Mitul Tiwari


Special thanks to Manik Gupta for being part of the initial planning of the program.